Let’s talk about Malware – it’s been a hot topic in the recent past and there’s lots more coming around in terms of reverse engineering, learning more about dissecting malware and running your own labs to generate, recreate and tackle the best. Here’s a page for a growing list of labs to ensure we’re up… Read More Malware


Surely most of you know how invaluable this tool is, some of you are experts and need no guidance – but if you’re green here’s some great info to get you rolling! Metasploit Unleashed Metasploit Tips and Tricks – Ryan Linn Metasploit Class2 – Part1 Metasploit Class2 – Part2 Metasploit Class2 – Part3 On a… Read More Metasploit


Every engineer has a tool-kit – spanners, screwdrivers, voltmeters… while we don’t carry a bag of tools, just a USB stick with the right softwares on it is all you need. Some of us use Kali Linux which is quite a concise and complete tool-kit, and others like to roll their own – here’s some… Read More Tools


This is going to be an always *under construction* sort of page. My favorite enumeration techniques will slowly appear here with more and more explanations to follow – remember #DontWaitEnumerate // Find out what’s connected netdiscover -r // My favorite Nmap scan nmap -sS -A -O -n -T5 -sS = SynScan -A =… Read More ENUM4LYF

SickOS 1.1

  Welcome to my first CTF write-up, we’re going to start with something easily obtainable from our friends at VulnHub. Our target today is the SickOS 1.1 CTF – you can download it direct here It’s a fun exercise and easily approachable for beginners up to medium level experienced practitioners or just someone getting into hacking… Read More SickOS 1.1

Secure communications

Let’s face it, I’m sure there will be a time when we want to exchange rather sensitive information – so apart from the usual, here’s my PGP Key – add it to your secure-mail and we can speak worry free! You know where to find me… 😉 —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– mQINBFrLdS0BEADm80BnkzFZi37mKuo4mIddUOcll4sC8N7T2FMIOgdkqsfPDARv BjOAAJJI5J7kduuPSjJIMfFPtSTksDbJsBid5nRJhgHcOyJ3DMnWer7d66z3N3EB hQ0qwnt44eozddrWBXBvKZsqDk+fYBqw3s29iPBEeKpg9ne3CIR0WX6KqJcKV5MQ… Read More Secure communications