Preparing for OSCP

Let’s face it, there’s lots and lots of information out there that you can pretty much “drown” in – so I’m going to create a repo of some of my favorite links here for your ease.

Here’s a few of my favorite pages when it comes to preparing for the OSCP exam

Tulpa’s Guide –

Abatchy’s guide –

A list of “OSCP”-like VM’s

Ramkisan’s blog –

Jame’s Hall’s blog –

g0tm1lk’s blog –

My advice – if you like to hear –
Get 30 days minimum lab-time
Dedicate at least 3-4 hours a day minimum
Use a good connection, you need a ping response lower than 300 [this is super important too]

Listen, I understand this is not easy – if you’re like me and work from 0730 until 1900 and have a wife and child to come home to – but, dedicate yourself to it!

And this goes without saying – “try harder!”

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