WebApp Hacking

A lot of talk has come around about the importance of web app hacking and exploiting of such apps. Here’s a repo of some of the more important – or let’s say – more frequently looked up information.


MSSQL Injection Cheat Sheet
SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
EvilSQL Cheatsheet
RSnake SQL Injection Cheatsheet
Mediaservice.net SQLi Cheatsheet
MySQL Injection Cheat Sheet
Full MSSQL Injection PWNage
MS Access SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
Access SQL Injection
Testing for MS Access – OWASP
Security Override
Obfuscated SQL Injection attacks
Exploiting hard filtered SQL Injections
SQL Injection Attack
Advanced SQL Injection – LayerOne
Joe McCray – Advanced SQL Injection
Joseph McCray SQL Injection
SQL Server Version – SQLTeam.com
Overlooked SQL Injection


LFI..Code Exec..Remote Root!
Local File Inclusion

Directory traversal

Metasploit Penetration Testing


The Anatomy of Cross Site Scripting
Whitepapers – www.technicalinfo.net
Tales from the Crypto
InterN0T – Underground Security
Filter Evasion – Houdini on the Wire
HTML5 Security Cheatsheet
sla.ckers.org :: XSS Info
XSS of the Third Kind

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