Secure communications

Let’s face it, I’m sure there will be a time when we want to exchange rather sensitive information – so apart from the usual, here’s my PGP Key – add it to your secure-mail and we can speak worry free! You know where to find me… 😉 —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– mQINBFrLdS0BEADm80BnkzFZi37mKuo4mIddUOcll4sC8N7T2FMIOgdkqsfPDARv BjOAAJJI5J7kduuPSjJIMfFPtSTksDbJsBid5nRJhgHcOyJ3DMnWer7d66z3N3EB hQ0qwnt44eozddrWBXBvKZsqDk+fYBqw3s29iPBEeKpg9ne3CIR0WX6KqJcKV5MQ… Read More Secure communications