Practice makes… perfect?

In the ever evolving world of technology – cyber security surely is much more fast paced due the distribution of information within the eco-system. In saying this, keeping up to date or keeping-up with practice labs and continuously honing skill-sets is essential when it comes to being “in-the-know”. Therefore, you will find below a list of some of my go to sites with great material for just this purpose!

ISO’s / VM’s for Practice

Web Security Dojo
Mutillidae: Vulnerable PHP Scripts
Damn Vulnerable Web App – DVWA
The ButterFly – Security Project
OWASP Broken Web applications Project
:: moth ::
Metasploit: Introducing Metasploitable
Holynix pen-test distribution

Vulnerable Software

OWASP SiteGenerator – OWASP
Hacme Books | McAfeeTools
Hacme Casino v1.0 | McAfee Tools
Hacme Shipping | McAfee Tools
Hacme Travel | McAfee Tools

Test[ing] Sites

Test Site
CrackMeBank Investments
Home of Acunetix Art
Altoro Mutual
acublog news
acuforum forums

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